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Emerald Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis

These nice-sized oiled emerald briolettes make these single pendant emerald necklaces ideal gifts for anyone who collects this May birthstone. The metals are a combination of silvertone and silver plated findings that our artisan oxidizes then polishes to give a vintage look rather than letting the necklaces darken naturally. The chain has a tarnish-resistant finish so it is also has nice no-maintenance properties.

These gemstone emerald necklaces adjust from approximately 14.5 to 17 inches, so they are meant to be worn as a short classic necklace or as a layering piece with longer necklaces.

Since all jewelry is delivered in a gift box, it will arrive ready for you to give in person or you can have it mailed directly to the recipient. If mailing directly to the recipient, you will have the option of adding a personalized note in the "Customer Message" box during checkout.  Your message will appear on the packing slip for the recipient (all packing slips are price-free).

$20.00 each

(All US Orders Ship for $5 - Need it Faster?)

Emerald Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
Emerald Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
All Novapsis jewelry is handmade by US Artisans, so each of these Emerald Necklaces is truly unique.

For these Emerald Necklaces:
♪ A Note on Emerald ♪
Emerald is a variety of Beryl and is one of the true precious gemstones. It's the green color that has made it so popular over the centuries, and that color has often been used to represent Spring which is no doubt why it's the May birthstone. While translucent Emeralds are out of the financial reach or many admirers, oiled varieties are more accessible and used frequently in jewelry making.

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