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Garnet Chokers -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis

 The deep red gemstones in these garnet chokers are spaced with tiny glass delica beads in translucent burgundy, and all are hand-knotted with a rosy mauve silk. Hand knotting creates a drape you can't duplicate with other beading techniques, and it makes this simple choker an elegant choker. The silver plated and silvertone metal findings are all on the back side of this necklace where they aren't visible behind longer hair, and therefore this choker design from Novapsis works well with any type/color of metal jewelry.

This garnet choker adjusts from approximately 16 to 19 inches.

Since all jewelry is delivered in a gift box, it will arrive ready for you to give in person or you can have it mailed directly to the recipient. If mailing directly to the recipient, you will have the option of adding a personalized note in the "Customer Message" box during checkout.  Your message will appear on the packing slip for the recipient (all packing slips are price-free).

$32.00 each

(All US Orders Ship for $5 - Need it Faster?)

Garnet Chokers -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
Garnet Chokers -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
All Novapsis jewelry is handmade by US Artisans, so each of these Garnet chokers is truly unique.

For these Garnet Chokers:
♪ A Note on Garnet ♪
Garnet owes its engaging dark red coloring to iron and chromium. It's a color that has made it popular for centuries and has gained attributions ranging from passion to protection. While the color is a fashionable option today, it is also popular as the January Birthstone which makes it a collectible item and preferred gift for those born in the month.
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