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Beaded Multi Strand Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis

These multi strand necklaces are a mix and match combination of Czech seed beads, bugle beads, boxwood beads and coconut shell beads with a tribal vibe. Each necklace has flashes of silver with the silver-lined seed and bugle beads in the mix, and those metallic tones nicely anchor the earthy brown, black and red theme.

Each strand is strung on a coated beading cable, so they have a uniform curved drape that holds its shape but still has some flexibility. These multi strand necklaces close with an antiqued silver plated toggle and are approximately 25" long (around) with about a 1" drop from the shortest to longest strands.

Since all jewelry is delivered in a gift box, it will arrive ready for you to give in person or you can have it mailed directly to the recipient. If mailing directly to the recipient, you will have the option of adding a personalized note in the "Customer Message" box during checkout.  Your message will appear on the packing slip for the recipient (all packing slips are price-free).

$39.00 each

(All US Orders Ship for $5 - Need it Faster?)

Beaded Multi Strand Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
Beaded Multi Strand Necklaces -✿- By A Closet In Delirium and Novapsis
All Novapsis jewelry is handmade by US Artisans, so each of these Multi Strand Necklaces is truly unique.

For these Multi Strand Necklaces:
♪ A Note on Czech Glass ♪
A cottage industry since Roman times, glass beads manufactured in Bohemia (the current Czech Republic) rose to the top of the world markets in the 19th century when skilled local glass/crystal crafters began the art of pressed glass production. During political upheavals of the mid-20th century, production ceased for several years, but the Czechs rapidly went back to the forefront of world beadmaking when production resumed in 1958.

♪ A Note on Coconut Beads ♪
Coconut Beads are sought after for their casual tropical appeal in modern jewelry making. They add a nice rustic or tribal touch to custom pieces when combined with other materials like gemstones or glass. Most coconut beads come from the Philippines where the resource is abundant and easily renewable.

♪ A Note on Boxwood Beads ♪
Boxwood is an ideal beadmaking material since its high density makes it resistant to chipping or cracking when worked. Boxwood is a highly available resource, but since it comes from hedges with smaller branches, the size limits the application of this wood to mostly jewelry, decorative boxes, chess pieces and musical instrument components.

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