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A Closet In Deliriumis the consolidated marketplace for multiple woman-owned businesses managed by The Boutique Project. The Boutique Project LLC was founded in 2008 to foster the development of US-based artisans and crafters who exclusively specialize in handmade wares.

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Like so many jewelry artisans, jewelry design and creation has been a passion since childhood for the founder of Novapsis. As a compulsive rock collector with an endless trove of vintage jewelry, she has an eternal inspiration for mixing and matching and making pieces that are truly works of art.

Ann Louise Studio

Between eyeglasses and ID badges, the world was full of too many boring chains and lanyards for Ann Louise. Her Studio specializes in eyeglass chains, eyeglass necklaces and ID badge holders that are anything but boring. With a background in jewelry design, each lanyard is handmade with attention to both functionality and aesthetics.

All About Shoelaces

You can probably guess that All About Shoelaces is the brainchild of a shoe fanatic. Unable to afford all of the shoes she desired, she realized that a single pair of custom shoelaces could turn one pair of shoes into two pairs of shoes, and as they say, the rest is history.

Hair Ye! Hair Ye!

Whether you need a fashionable accent or a quick fix for a bad hair day, Hair Ye! Hair Ye! ™ is the place to go. From bohemian hair sticks and scarves to colorful ribbons and beaded ponytail holders, these accessories are one of a kind.


The founder of Printplay got her start as a licensed artist for a custom design company and decided to take her graphic arts skills to the DIY digital medium. We love her creative little gift bows and look forward to more works as she continues to grow her fledgling business.

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